BARF for your dogs

Who said that the dog food should always be expensive?, In this day and age we have come across many brands of dog food that cost a fortune but with questionable quality, and when we come to the pet shop we would be offered by the pet shop owner that the dog food brands or that's what he says is good for your dog, whether it's premium or super premium quality .. but do not actually know that dog food is actually unhealthy food, the intention is not necessarily expensive brand that can be digested more your dog than on a cheap brand. Then what is the solution? so now you can turn to natural food or just call it BARF (Bone and Raw Food), which would suit your dog of whatever its breed

1. What is BARF? BARF is the designation for the foods provided by nature alone without boiling

2. What advantages does BARF? BARF own advantage there is not much you can of dog food, for example:

healthy teeth and breath fresher

healthier skin and coat

your dog's immune system is more optimum

Reduce degenerate disease

Reduce the volume and the smell of stool

Creating a leaner and healthier body

3. And then what materials are needed to create this natural food? The answer is vegetables, boiled eggs, organ meats (chicken or beef liver), meat and bone (meat and bones can you take from the chicken's neck and claw). it allow to give your dog a fresh meat? The answer is allowed, it is highly recommended because raw meat is more easily digested by dogs

5. If the bones are given later fear about choking or stuck in the gut? Surely, if it is cooked bones can answer yes or no, if you cook the bones will harden, according to my experience like choking is usually a small dog, I rarely see cases of choking in big races

6. How you continue to eat bones? you better give the neck or foot bones that are not cooked, because in addition to bone soft flesh of the neck there is still quite make efficient purchasing meat, while the claw has a lot of calcium for your dog (who hooked claw meal would understand the effect ^ ^)

7. What vegetables can I give to my dog? you can give various kinds of vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, tomato, spinach, etc. (cauliflower is not recommended because it can make flatulent)

8. So whether given directly or straight vegetable cooked?better if you cooked for a minute, do not gradually. and mix vegetable in a mixer and mixed with meat

9. Ask for the recipe then? If a recipe I can not give because everyone has their way depend on the size of dogs, but if I think a better measuring 70% meat and bone, 20% and 10% vegetable offal

10. Are there any other extra for this BARF? there is, how much good you give supplements like fish oil, apple cider vinegar, and garlic to your dog

11. The effect of the addition was what made my dog? The effect I will explain one by one in my next post, because my hands are sore typing (newly created blog know - -')

So what? if you are interested in switching to BARF? if you have any questions, additions, suggestions or criticisms in the post please let me be made to share and sorry if my english is not good

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Shir Tjandralala mengatakan...

Do your research properly before you make an uneducated blog post like this. This blog is clearly wrong in many parts and you could lead others into killing their dogs.

It is unnecessary to feed dogs:
1. Garlic. Garlic can cause anemia and could kill them. Dogs who have had anemia before will easily die from eating garlic. Garlic is not necessary to be consumed and only to be prescribed carefully by vets.
2. Tomato. This vegetable does not go well with dogs' stomach. This is toxic to dogs.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar for consuming? Are you kidding me? You ONLY use that as a shampoo for dogs with ticks and fleas! Not to be consumed!

You NEED to do your research properly before posting like this. You also do not know how much you should feed a dog using BARF method. Here is the breakdown:
80% meat (lean)
10% bone
5% liver
5% organ meat

Feeding scale:
2-3% of the dog's adult body weight.
If your puppy is a male Beagle with estimated adult weight of 10KG, you feed your puppy 2% of 10KG a day (separate into 3 portions). Once your puppy is 1 year old, feed your pup once a day and fast (puasa) once a week.

If your dog is going to be a working dog (gembala, police dog), feed 3% as your dog will need more energy.

Feed your dogs vegetables and fruits ONLY as a daily treats.
This is the source. Learn and try not to "ajaran sesat" for others because if they feed their dogs tomatoes, garlics and apple cider vinegar and their dogs die, you are responsible for this.

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